Facilities Management.

Our strong understanding of the modern PFI, corporate and business critical environments enables us to assist clients in mobilising and operating contracts in a risk adverse manner. This will always be underpinned by ensuring the team work in accordance with statutory compliance and H&S legislation.

We act as an interface between all contracted parties and specialise in the review of client supply chains and supporting specialist sub – contractors.

Core Services :

Interim Management.

  • Mobilisation of Multi-site/Discipline Contracts.
  • Resolving Non-Compliant M&E/Fabric Estates and Infrastructures.
  • Resolving and closing outstanding HSE/3rd Party Enforcement notices.
  • Developing Property/Asset Management Strategies
  • Management Reviews of existing Teams and Structures to assist in developing Business Case’s to support and implement “Right size and shape” Teams and Structures.

Change Management.

  • Engaging with Teams to review and implement Competency Assessments and Development/Training Plans.
  • Setting Floor to Senior Tier Reviews and Meetings improve engagement and ensure “buy in” at all levels.
  • Review of CAFM systems and processes to ensure efficient and productive reporting and outputs.

Statutory Compliance.

  • Review and Implementation of Statutory Compliance Systems for Hard FM Services.
  • Review and implement Compliant H&S systems and processes.
  • Develop the AE/AP/RP/CP structure to ensure Statutory Compliance.

Supply Chain Management.

  • Review the Supply Chain to ensure that Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors operate in accordance with the requirements of the ultimate clients Contract and are commercially efficient, compliant, fully leveraged, Value For Money, add value and benefit to the process.
  • Ensure that Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors are aware of the Commercial requirements and performance consequences/conditions of the contract with the ultimate client.

Surveys, Labour Loading, CAPEX Programs.

  • Performing Asset Surveys to accurately identify all Infrastructure, M&E and Fabric components and develop the CAFM requirements they have for statutory and best practice Planned Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Regimes.
  • Compiling Labour Loadings for “Right size and shape” exercises.
  • Performing Six Facet Condition Surveys to accurately identify the Condition, Suitability, Quality, Space Utilisation, H&S/Fire Safety Compliance and Environmental Management of the Clients Estate.
  • Developing 1, 5 and 10 year Capital Expenditure Programs.