Facilities Management.

HAPS have the competence and capacity to offer Client’s a full range of products and service in relation to the operation of their Hard FM services. We utilise only experienced, professionally and technically competent and qualified Hard FM Managers who are able to lead large multi discipline teams by example and clear direction. All will be industry accredited in the operation and maintenance of Hard FM services and contracts.

Our strong understanding of the modern PFI, corporate and business critical environments enables us to assist clients in mobilising and operating contracts in a risk adverse manner within set budgets and to maximise profitability. This will always be underpinned by ensuring the team work in accordance with systems and processes to establish compliance with H&S legislation and all Statutory Instruments and controls.

We are able to act as an interface between all parties and specialise in the review of client supply chains and supporting specialist sub – contractors, ensuring they reflect the needs of the Contract and the ultimate client.

Our unique offer of service whereby the requirements of an Asset Survey, Condition Survey, Labour Loading Exercise and 1, 5 and 10 year CAPEX programme can be delivered as one function will reduce overall costs and deliver a comprehensive asset management tool for our clients.

We excel in engaging, training and motivating successful management and staff teams of mixed disciplines to assist in building customer focused innovative service solutions.

Core Services :

Interim Management.

  • Mobilisation of Multi-site/Discipline Contracts.
  • Resolving Non-Compliant M&E/Fabric Estates and Infrastructures.
  • Resolving and closing outstanding HSE/3rd Party Enforcement notices.
  • Developing Property/Asset Management Strategies
  • Management Reviews of existing Teams and Structures to assist in developing Business Case’s to support and implement “Right size and shape” Teams and Structures.

Change Management.

  • Engaging with Teams to review and implement Competency Assessments and Development/Training Plans.
  • Setting Floor to Senior Tier Reviews and Meetings improve engagement and ensure “buy in” at all levels.
  • Review of CAFM systems and processes to ensure efficient and productive reporting and outputs.

Statutory Compliance.

  • Review and Implementation of Statutory Compliance Systems for Hard FM Services.
  • Review and implement Compliant H&S systems and processes.
  • Develop the AE/AP/RP/CP structure to ensure Statutory Compliance.

Supply Chain Management.

  • Review the Supply Chain to ensure that Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors operate in accordance with the requirements of the ultimate clients Contract and are commercially efficient, compliant, fully leveraged, Value For Money, add value and benefit to the process.
  • Ensure that Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors are aware of the Commercial requirements and performance consequences/conditions of the contract with the ultimate client.

Surveys, Labour Loading, CAPEX Programs.

  • Performing Asset Surveys to accurately identify all Infrastructure, M&E and Fabric components and develop the CAFM requirements they have for statutory and best practice Planned Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Regimes.
  • Compiling Labour Loadings for “Right size and shape” exercises.
  • Performing Six Facet Condition Surveys to accurately identify the Condition, Suitability, Quality, Space Utilisation, H&S/Fire Safety Compliance and Environmental Management of the Clients Estate.
  • Developing 1, 5 and 10 year Capital Expenditure Programs.